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by Amy Hare

THIS IS INSANELY good. And organized.

by Amy Hare

“There's so much to offer and it’s something people need. This is the ultimate resource for a DIY blogger or for someone who needs the fix for idea drought.”

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  • Vanessa Shepherd

    Vanessa Shepherd

    I’m Vanessa, and I work with creative female entrepreneurs who struggle with driving traffic to their websites. I help them to stand out above the crowd, while sprinkling in a little strategy, without all the headaches. With an undergrad in business and awards for my work in digital marketing, I have optimized social media channels and created engaging promotional campaigns for small to large-sized businesses and government agencies.


  • I don’t think I have time for this??

    That’s the beauty of having a system that works – you don’t have to spend much time learning it. In a few minutes you can understand what to do and then get to work doing it. The system is designed to give you ideas then walk you through each step of the process to execute it, so you have a straightforward way to showcase your expertise for your dreamy audience.

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    I have years of experience in social media, marketing, and business, with a snazzy undergraduate degree to prove it. Through my education and prior work experience, I learned not only how to make things “look pretty” but also how to make them functional, engaging and strategic. By hiring me you will be saving yourself hours of valuable time that you can spend on doing the things you love (or taking a nap, whatever you want). You will also be ensuring that your brand and website do the things they are supposed to do…. make you more money.